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By admin, January 12, 2018

+ Web-based ERP system developed for SLTEC Fertilizer Manufacturers. – very large system
Advanced CRM features – auto track interactions, over 22000 contacts
Basic MRP features, stock management across multiple distributed warehouses etc
Automatic Label generation – over 500 products
Automatic Pricelist generation – to many dealers, prices include freight costs etc
Sales Quoting, Ordering, Invoicing, Returns, Receivables, Export to MYOB etc
Raw Materiel Quotes, Purchase Orders, Receipting, Forecasts, International tracking etc
Manufacturing Process management, procedures, batch management, safety procedures etc

+ Manufacturing Management system for Australian Coin & Bullion – large system
Managing multi location Purchasing, Shipping & Receipting of raw materials (mainly gold)
Melting & Refining process management
Stock management of precious material – Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

+ Web-based Advanced Farm Management system – very large system built for SLTEC
Used by some very large growers in Australia.
Many cutting edge scientific analysis tools.
Nutrient Budgeting for entire farms
Chemical Application tracking
Mapping on Google maps API

+ Web-based System for Managing Bitcoin Cloud Mining – large system built for Dominet
Integrations with many 3rd party systems.
Many security features
Selling Mining Packages
Calculating & automatically distributing mining income

+ Investment Banking System for a Financial Investment Company in the USA
Client & Account Management
Document Management
Client portal
Automated calculation & distribution of returns to client accounts

+ Quality Assurance System for Building Contractors – an innovative online quality management system that works even without internet access (Hybrid online/offline system).

+ Advanced Online Task Management System for Professional Managers.

+ Simple Online Task Management System for teachers & students with powerful features (completely different concept to the other Task Management system).

+ Taxi Management System

+ Kiosk Systems with Web-based Management System.

+ Online Business Directory showing about 1.5 million businesses – innovative search mechanism, results shown on interactive street maps – advanced features for the time it was developed.

+ Online Automated Quoting system for Essential Imaging (Document Management Specialists)

+ Online Attendance & Member Management System.

+ Online Rostering System & iPhone App (currently in early development)

+ Online Booking & Ticketing System.

+ Many online Registrations & Booking Systems.

+ Many online Donations & Payments Systems.

+ Many online Stores with lots of custom features & 3rd party integrations.

+ Web-based Courier Tracking & Management system for Australia Transport Agency, included software to manage mobile mini-scanning devices which were not webbased – manages batch upload & synchronisation of data when they connect the device to an internet enabled computer.

+ Hotel Management & Reservation System for a 4-Star hotel with 65 rooms/cabins.

+ Point of Sales system used by 4 supermarkets & a bookshop.

+ Creation of Web-scraping tools – used to extract business data

+ Automated SEO Position finding tool

+ SEO Link Management (online) Console & integrated WordPress Link Management plugin.

+ Project-based Finance Management software tool – included tracking of staff time on projects against the allowed limits in the various project budgets.

+ Added new features to (early) Magento Ecommerce Software – integration with TNT courier cost quoting, display of “from …” price for products with varying prices based on options.

+ Integration of Magento Ecommerce system with foreign supplier webpages and its related online management console. A highly innovative project.

+ Customisation & creation of brand new features on a large CRM system (based on the opensource vTiger CRM).

+ Added new features to a Carwash Management software that was originally created by another party.

Other work apart from Custom Software Development
+ SEO Projects
+ Website Design & Development Projects
+ Business Analysis & Technology Consulting
+ Cleaning up & securing hacked websites
+ SMS Automation
+ Email Campaign Setup / Management

Call our Melbourne Software Development office on 1800-SHALOM and speak to a software professional. Your project will be assigned a PRINCE2 accredited project manager in our Melbourne software development office.

We use a number of innovative management and business concepts and we have also invested heavily in cutting edge technology and research and you stand to gain from it. We are able to give you high quality custom software for a fraction of the cost you’d spend elsewhere. Our custom software development process is based on thoroughly tried and tested software development frameworks.

We also use opensource tools and components, we keep unnessary costs down and pass the savings to you. Although open source software is free, it is not cheap! Some of the software tools we use are worth millions of dollars of programming time. Can’t other software development companies use these? What makes us special? They can and some do. Our main difference is that we pass the saving to you! The way we make money is by customising and changing ready made software to meet your exact custom requirements, we charge clients for our time in making the changes. It is a difficult and time consuming process to master these and we have invested a lot in doing so. Some software development companies that do use these opensource foundations can’t do much interms of customizing the already delevoped software to meet your own procedures and needs, so you need to change a lot of what you do in order to use the software. Sadly this happens a lot and you lose your unique style of doing business. We make sure to provide custom software solutions that free up your time to concentrate on your core business… and your life.

Shalom software, prosper with peace of mind. Call us: 1800 SHALOM

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