By admin, February 10, 2018

We offer 2 types of hosting. 
1. Regular Australia based web hosting
2. Premium Australia based web hosting (recommended)

Regular Australian Hosting
You can register for standard hosting by going to

Premium Australian Web Hosting
We highly recommend this. We are re-sellers for Netports Australia Premium Hosting Services. It has an excellent track record – see the independent review at which shows independantly verified high practical uptime – extremely reliable. Secure. Blazing fast.

Contact me for an amazing deal (almost half price* on the exact same server) after you have a look at the plans listed at

Don’t fall for “unlimited” or large amounts of webspace advertised by some hosting companies – these are usually on overloaded and insecure servers. Most websites use very little hard disk space – why pay extra for what you’ll never use. Reliability, speed and security are more important.

*Conditions apply: Half price hosting applicable only if website is created by Shalom Software.

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